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Home staging
As an addition to a comprehensive marketing program I offer home staging to all of the sellers that list their home with me. This valuable tool will make your home show it's very best and help you get the best price for your home. Here are 10 simple steps for Staging:

1. Stand in the doorway. This is where buyers stand before they decide to step into a room. If a buyer won't step into a room, he or she will  not buy your house. Take a good look from the doorway to give yourself a buyers point of view. Staging draws buyers into every room.

2. Pick a staging point. Ask yourself "How would a buyer use this room"? If it's a bedroom, the staging point would be the bed. If it's a music room the staging point would be the piano. In the living room the staging point could be a fireplace. Stage the room around the focal point.

3. Make a plan. Once you know what the focal point will be make a plan to stage the room. This plan isn't cast in stone; it's made to be changed. A plan helps you get started. If you don't like the feeling of the room as you initiate the plan, change it.

4. Clear the clutter. De-accessorize the entire room. Take out all the pictures, mirrors and accessories. Put them in the hallway so you can see the bones of the room.

5. Divide things into piles. Pack, toss, give away and sell. Some things will go back into the room as you finish staging

6. Get rid of some of the furniture. Is something crowding the room? Move it out! You can often move a chair from the living room to the        master bedroom where it might add a cozy touch.

7. Decide what furniture will stay. Keep the basics and get rid of the extras.Let's say a living room has a sofa, love seat, two wing chairs, two barrel shaped chairs, four end tables. one coffee table and four lamp tables. Here's how your thought process may go: First, you decide that the sofa and coffee table should stay. Then you decide to keep the wing chairs. The love seat and barrel chairs are crowding the room- fine for living, but bad when selling. Out they go! Without the love seat you also eliminate two end tables and without the chairs eliminate two lamp tables.

8. Arrange the furniture the way you want it. In the same room we are imagining, put the sofa in front of the fireplace, with a wing chair on either side of the fireplace. The coffee table goes in front of the sofa. Put an end table on either side of the sofa. Does it work? Yes! Less furniture=more space. That's what home staging can do.

9. Rebuild with accessories. When you bring accessories into the room, remember less is more!

10. Fine tune. Stand in the doorway again.Is there anything else you can do? Anything else you can remove? Anything missing that needs to be added? Have you cut the tags off pillows and throws? Can you see any electrical cords? Take a long last look before you decide you are finished staging the room.
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